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“By means of the grapevine terrestrial melodies rise towards scents of absolute

L. G.

​​ EOS Group


Our firm was founded as a consulting and technical assistance company in the agricultural and food industry . Over the years we have increased our research and testing activities, with many specialized technicians  and concentrating the services offered in the WINE SECTOR.


Research and experimentation

The research and experimentation activities conducted in recent years by the team of professionals of Eos Group, have identified vegetable matrices with high ANTIOXIDANT POWER, to be used in cosmetics and natural medicine.


The recovery of the germplasm of old, native vines of the Piceno territory, combined with advanced studies on plant physiology, have allowed us to select the best grapes to be used in the extraction of functional ingredients with proven effectiveness


Salus Per Vineam - SPV


 The treatment of grape skins with modern techniques of enzymatic demolition of the cell walls has enabled the availability of powerful bioactive molecules, at the base of the cosmetic formulations of the Salus Per Vineam line.


The strict quality control of local raw materials, the efficiency of advanced extraction techniques, a high concentration of active substances, ensure the effectiveness of original and innovative treatments, based on the combination of the effects of 100% natural ingredients through a MULTI -ACTION mechanism.

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