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“By means of the grapevine terrestrial melodies rise towards scents of absolute

L. G.

Cosmetic treatment with grape skin extracts


To perform an effective action a cosmetic must act at different levels; if many aspects are involved, his action is more appreciable and complete. The treatment of the Vitis vinifera marcs with modern techniques of enzymatic demolition of the cell walls, has enabled the availability of potent bioactive molecules, at the base of the cosmetic formulations of our Salus per Vineam line. The use of phytocomplexes obtained from selected grapes, in formulation with other vegetable matrices with proven effectiveness, allows to combine the effects of the best active ingredients, through a MULTI-ACTION mechanism.

Distinctive elements of Ophis Cosmetics products


  1. Advanced studies of plant physiology have identified the best vegetable matrices with powerful bioactive molecules (with biological activity), to be used in cosmetics and natural medicine (we found vegetable matrices with contents of active ingredients that are higher than the average; we worked on grapes, because it is one of the vegetable matrices that is among the richest in substances useful to skin health).

  2. For the Salus per Vineam line were used grape extracts of old, native vines of the Piceno territory (of which we have recovered the "germplasm", that is, the genetic material), where very high values  of antioxidants were found (eg. polyphenols).

  3. The raw materials are taken from the company's vineyards (100% traceability, strict control at every stage of the chain), where the plants are treated with agronomic operations (cultivation techniques) designed to increase the content of active substances.

  4. The grape skin extracts are obtained with modern and sophisticated "molecular bioliquefaction" techniques (basically a demolition of plant tissues by means of enzymes) and retain all the properties of the potent active substances. The extracts are water based and contain no traces of solvent (they are not the classical dry extracts, we do not use classical grape seed oil, but we start from fresh grape skins, that are the peels of carefully selected particular grapes,  which only we have). 

  5. All cosmetics are made from natural ingredients. All ingredients are strictly selected and monitored to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  6. To ensure the effectiveness of treatments very high contents of functional ingredients are used. The formulations are carried out trying to combine the effects of the best active substances through a multi-action mechanism, as a cosmetic must act at different levels to be effective.

Strong points of products

Typicality - genuineness

Study - Research - Testing

Production control of raw materials

Total traceability

High quality of functional ingredients

Very modern extraction techniques

Effective formulations

High content of active substances


Multi-action of treatments

Moisturizing action

Nourishing Action

Antioxidant Action

Protective action

Toning action

Regenerating action

Action on microcirculation

Anti-aging action

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